FS Real China Team

FS Real China Team

FS Real China Team,also named "模拟飞行真实中国",was founded by a group of Chinese developers on Dec 31.2014.

FS Real China Team is an online organization which is working on developing flightsim scenery.

Till 2016/7/25,the number of our freeware downloaded is a big figure while our chargeware is making explosive news.We really hope to work a lot on flightsim software developing.

Advanced GIS Processing and DRM Technology

We have developed a unique way of GIS Processing and DRM,which is a breakthrough in the fs development field.
FS Real China Base 2017
The latest product of FSRC.You can enjoy the most detailed scenery of China with this product installed.
FS Real China Lhasa
A experimental scenery in which we show the way to use 2D data.

Guide for 2nd Dev of FS
The most detailed FS second development guide for Chinese developers.(Chinese version only)

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