FS Real China Team

FS Real China Team

FS Real China Team,also named "模拟飞行真实中国",was founded by a group of developers from sinofsx on Dec 31.2014.

FS Real China Team is an online organization which is working on developing flightsim scenery.

Till 2016/7/25,the number of our freeware downloaded is a big figure while our chargeware is making explosive news.We really hope to work a lot on flightsim software developing.


2014/3/22:ZSY427 released 《FSX 卫星地景制作最新高效方法》,which is a tutorial that helps fs developers a lot,then its name changed to"《FSX游戏环境二次开发手册》"

2014/7/22:ZSY427 released his first product——FS Real China Haikou

2014/11/15:ZSY427 released FS Real China Base

2014/12/31:FS Real China Team was founded

2015/1/11:FS Real China Shanghai was released

2015/2/14:FS Real China Lhasa was released

2015/7/21:FS Real China Team and FSCYA became partners

2015/8/1:FS Real China Team released "《FSX游戏环境二次开发入门手册》",which was a

advanced tutorial for fs developers.

2015/12/19:FS Real China Team and The FlightSim "Bar" of Baidu became partners

2015/12/25:FS Real China Team released its first payware:FS Real China Base Extended

In the first half of 2016, we have established good cooperation relationship with VATPRC, SimMarket, FlightSimStore, Airports Asian, FNAV, and other organizations or enterprises.

2017/6/11:FS Real China Team released FS Real China Base 2017

There's still a lot of work for us to do……

Commercial Cooperation:fsrcbusiness@outlook.com Non-profit Cooperation:fsrc-pr@outlook.com
Customer Service:fsrcfeedback@outlook.com